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Complete five volume set of Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light. From the beginning in a field in Indiana to the conclusion of public appearances in 2004, Our Lady leaves us with her words of guidance in seeking her Son. This set, gift wrapped in gold ribbon,  makes a great addition to any library. See descriptions of each book below.

Price*: $30.00 Set of 5                  

Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Volume 1. This volume reports the appearances and messages of Our Lady of Light in the Greater Cincinnati area from 1991 through August 31, 1992. They contain messages for the world from Our Lady and Our Lord through a Batavia, Ohio visionary. 117 pages


Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Volume 2. Events after August 31, 1992 continue through mid-1993. The primary venues are described and the thrust of Our Lady’s mission here are further developed. She enlists our participation in her work. 132 pages.

Price*: $5.00                                 

Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Volume 3. Our Lady’s five priest helpers are now on the scene. Communications ensue with Mother Teresa. Our Lady presses for devout prayer, especially her Rosary. Messages from July of 1993 through November of 1994 are included. 260 pages.

Price*: $7.00                                 

Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Volume 4. Selected messages from November of 1994 through October of 1997 address various specific groups, especially the five priests surrounding the visionary. These priests individually pass on their feelings concerning the visionary’s experiences and where this private revelation fits into the cultural behavior of humanity in the present time. 245 pages.

Price*: $6.00                                 

Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Volume 5. This volume presents important messages back to the beginning in 1992, then fast forwards to Our Lady’s final public visit in 2004. It includes text which had not been made public earlier at the request of Our Lady. Her words include warnings about future events which the faithful can ameliorate through prayer. Many of Our Lady’s priests and dedicated faithful are depicted at the various apparition sites. 127 pages.

Price*: $8.00                                 


Going His Way, by Father Leroy Smith, with commentary by Gerry Ross. This book features recollections by Father Smith about some key events which changed his life. Ross’s comments about Father Smith are based on a personal friendship with him spanning many years. An appendix contains personal messages from Our Lady to Father Smith through the Batavia visionary, in chronological order, during his years of involvement with the visionary and Our Lady of Light. 232 pages.

Price*: $8.00                                 


His Power, by Miriam Grosjean. Short, crisp messages from Our Lord act as mini-lessons for the reader striving to grow in God. This book fits well by any bedside, offering ready inspiration just before retiring or at the first moment in the morning. 110 pages.

Price*: $7.00                                 

Visitations, Volume 1, by Miriam Grosjean. Lessons in living, one for every day of the year, as dictated by Our Lord Himself. This bedside reader offers remarkable insights into what it means to grow in holiness.

121 pages.

Price*: $7.00                                

NEW! Visitations, Volume 2, by Miriam Grosjean. Further lessons in living, one for every day of the year. This volume continues the kind of day-by-day hints for living a fruitful Christian life as found in Volume 1. Soft in tone, long on wisdom. Warm advice at your fingertips.

105 pages.

Price*: $7.00                                 

I Am Your Jesus of the Cross. Letters to Charlene Huber wherein we are asked to stop destroying and hating, to open our hearts to His love. 183 pages.

Price*: $6.00                                  

Insights and Counsels, by Miriam Grosjean. Comments on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, each comment developing one of the biblically sourced gifts or fruits. Words given to a well known Dayton, Ohio locutionist. 142 pages.

Price*: $5.00                                 

Padre’s Point, by Rev. Philip Hamilton. “Father Hamilton has a telling way of making his point, Padre’s Point. Padre Hamilton...writes the way he is: human, intelligent, interested in many things, optimistic, joyful, a holy priest.”...Most Rev. David B. Thompson, Bishop of Charleston. 238 pages.

Price*: $3.00                                 

Our Compassionate Father, by Miriam Grosjean. God the Father seen and understood through His many attributes: all-powerful, all-loving, all-caring, all-merciful, — truly a doting Father, one ever near to us and seeking our return of His love. 105 pages. NEW!

Price*: $5.00                                 

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Prayer Card. This 2 1/2" x 4" card fits easily into pocket or purse. Featuring the Lady of Light song, it also gives a brief history of the appearances of Our Lady to the Batavia visionary. See Image/Card page.

Price*$5.00 for Set of 50              


Our Lady of Light Medal. Brass medal 1" x 1 1/2", covered on front with picture of the painted image of Our Lady of Light. Back has picture of the Pieta and the words of Our Lady over her Son’s body. Both sides encapsulated in smooth epoxy.

Price* $2.00                                  

Prayers to the Child Jesus of Good Health. Veneration of Child Jesus of Good Health originated in Mexico in 1939 at the home of a young girl named Rosa Maria Guadalupe Calderone. After many spiritual and physical favors were granted, the local bishop authorized promotion of devotions to the Child Jesus to all peoples. This booklet contains those devotions. See Child Jesus.

Price* $1.00                                  

Our Lady’s Peace Rosary. When the Medjugorje visionaries asked “How must we pray,” Our Lady answered with prayers which have become called the Peace Rosary. This rosary has seven sets of three beads (one pink, one clear, one blue), anchored by the Our Lady of Light medal. See Peace Rosary (Prayers page).

Price* $5.00                                  

Inspirational Planner. This universal desk calendar fits any year and is customizable by the owner. The pages are filled with information about Our Lady of Light and contain messages from her and Our Lady of America. Size 7" x 8 ˝", spiral ring bound.

Price* $8.00                                  

Early Morning Meditations, by Fr. Peter Chabot. A series of mini-stories, moral vignettes, to help the reader kick off personal prayer time. In this new and expanded ring bound edition, each page is headed by a different visage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as depicted by the world’s greatest artists.

Size 4" x 8.5", 126 pages.

Price* $3.00                                  

Moments with Mary. This CD features a unique blend of meditations from Mary, Our Lady of Light, with piano melodies from favorite traditional Marian hymns. Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, reception of sacraments. Play it at home, in the car, on ipods or computers.

Price* $10.00                               

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