Join us for the 28th Anniversary of
Days of Prayer and Mercy

We are pleased to open our doors again and welcome you back to the Center.
And what a special time to get together: to remember and to celebrate the apparitions
of Our Lady of Light.

This is our 28th anniversary of those years between 1992-1999 when we were
so honored by Our Lady and her Son to witness so many extraordinary events and
receive Our Lady’s words through the messages to the Batavia Visionary. Maybe you
were also able to have been here during those incredible times with Fr. Smith as we
prayed throughout the day, celebrated Mass and Holy Communion and patiently
awaited until midnight when Our Lady was expected to appear. She never disappointed
us and all who spent those happy days will never forget the experiences.
Everyone saw her incredible Lights pulsating everywhere, sometimes engulfing individuals
as if the Holy Spirit were infusing each person with His Light.

Since those days, so many of you have returned to pray and spend this time
with Our Lady. Others have taken their ministries and moved to other areas of the
city or other states. Our Lady herself asked that we would continue to celebrate on
the very days she came to us by keeping these days, “days of prayer and mercy”. She
also chose September 1st as a special day of mercy through her message of May 1,
1997 to Fr. Leroy Smith:

“My beloved son, On the first day of September, my Special Day of Prayer, I
request that My House remain open as a house of prayer for all to come and receive
the special graces offered there. Know that, at my request, my Son has ordained this
day, and all days of September 1 henceforth, to be a day of Divine Mercy. All who
come to Him with a true repentance of their sins will be bathed in His mercy and
will be forgiven everything. This is my gift and His promise. Though this grace is
available everywhere, it is my desire that this grace be started at My House and then
flow to every other part of your world.”

Welcome to Our Guest Speaker: 
Fr. Nathan Cromly

nathan cromly fr.jpeg

Father Nathan Cromly, C.S.J. is a Catholic priest who has dedicated his life to strengthening marriages, 
families, and young adults. Through his work, he has gained a unique perspective on the issues that 
touch marriage and family life. In 2018, Fr. Nathan led a "Day of Reflection for Catholic Men"
on the topic, "In God We Trust: Navigating Your Family Through Today's Challenges" at Our Lady 
of the Holy Spirit Center. As a nationally renowned Catholic leader and dynamic speaker, Father Nathan
has hosted a series on Radio Maria and has appeared on EWTN on several occasions. For the past 
11 years, he has led the annual Maria Stein Mothers' Retreat to consistently full-capacity
crowds. He has engaged young adults with excursions that include mountain climbing and white
water rafting in locations such as New Zealand, Scotland, Hawaii, and Ireland. He is the founder and 
president of both Eagle Eye Ministries and The Saint John Institute in Denver Colorado.

Monday, August 31st Schedule 
8:30am - Daily Mass
12:00pm - Information Tables Open 
12:00pm - 5:00pm - Rosaries & Prayers
2;00pm - 5:00pm - Confessions
3:00pm - Chaplet of Divine Mercy
5:00pm - Mass
6:00pm - Dinner
7:00pm - Fr. Cromly, "The Role of Fathers"
9:00pm - Movie (TBD)
12:00am - Midnight Vigil

Tuesday, September 1st (Day of Mercy) Schedule 
8:30am - Daily Mass
10:00am - Information Tables Open & Breakfast
11:00am - Fr. Cromly, "The Role of Mothers"
1:00pm - Healing Mass
3:00pm - Chaplet of Divine Mercy