February 28, 1993 — Our Lady of Light Ministries

My child,

I have told you I would expand on Our Lady of Light Ministries at this visit. It is my desire that this area be an example of the Christian love that should be a part of your daily lives. From this area will come the peace to overflow and fill your nation and then your world. But I cannot accomplish this alone. I need the help of all of you.

My House, the seminary, shall be established to renew and strengthen the leaders of the faith (priests). They shall then gather their flock and teach them in the ways of unconditional love, which is God’s love. This should be exemplified by all of you that choose to come under my banner of Our Lady of Light Ministries.

Also, I desire that each soul be cleansed and purified by renewal of their baptismal vows and once again be reconfirmed in their faith. In this way they will be strong soldiers before they participate in the spiritual war that is now raging on your planet.

After each soul is rededicated to God their Father, they should pray together for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Our Lady of Light Ministries shall become the front runner of my mission here in this land.

Regardless of the title bestowed on me, I am the same lady. I am your Mother and the Queen of Heaven. The Father has permitted me to attend to you now, and I call on each of you to walk with me into this holy battle. The evil in men must be conquered, for the fallen angel is now attacking your spirit, and his influence is taking over many of you. If you choose to come into my ministry, I desire that you align your will to the will of the Father and convert your lives back to God. This ministry shall be my hands and my feet, and walk amongst my children and minister to them and nourish them both in body and in spirit.

Feed the hungry, both in garment and in forgiveness. Shelter the homeless, both in houses and in love. Console the sorrowful, both in their physical loss and in loss of spirit. Comfort the grieving, both in physical death and in their doubts of spiritual life.

My children, I call on you, I need you, and I implore you to listen and act. Help me to establish at this place and at this time my healing center of faith, which shall be established to restore the body and heal the soul. It is my hope that each soul who answers my call shall burn with a great desire to serve God through their fellow man.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.