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December 31, 1993 – Personal Message from Our Lady

My child,

I request that you restore prayer in your places of learning. I call all of my children to prayer for the restoration of America.

I wish you to deliver this message to those in charge. Do not be concerned how you shall do this for I shall help you. I desire my ministry (Our Lady of Light Ministry) to be instrumental in accomplishing this most important act. I wish those involved in my ministry to be my hands, for I tell you that, just as one woman removed God from your schools and your children, I am the one woman who can reverse that error and return the schools to prayer.

I previously requested that this be done (she means in earlier messages) because I could foresee the grave consequences that would occur if prayer was not returned to your schools.

Can’t you see, my children, that by removoing the love of God from your schools you left an open space for hatred which the fallen angel quickly grasped. Now the results of this hatred are in plain view – the weapons of destruction that are present in all of your schools. The devil has had his way and is using your children to destroy other children. The devil has many tools and is using them all.

If you wish to rebuke him and reclaim the innocence of your children, you must return prayer to the classrooms. Remove the weapons by returning prayer. I plead with you to take my request to heart for the very welfare of your children is at stake here.

I am calling you on this, the first day of your new year, and would like to see your children praying in your places of learning again by the end of your new year. If you have enough faith, it can be done. I ask that this movement be started here in this area at My House (The Seminary) and spread throughout your land.

I further request that a visible sign be shown by all involved in the movement. A small cross with the words “FOLLOW ME” should be worn or carried. This will symbolize the “cross endured” which will be necessary in the restoration of these prayers.

The children themselves can help to accomplish this for there is great power in the prayer of children. But my plea is directed especially to the mothers for through your influence there is also a tremendous power. I beg you to use this power to return prayer to your children’s lives, not only in your places of learning but also in your homes.

If prayer and love of God are not instilled in the children, the future will hold great calamities. Protect the children for they are mine. Be strong in your faith and have the courage to defend it.

Know that the joining of all faiths, from all churches can form a mighty army. I am asking that you form this spiritual army and return prayer to your schools. Be not concerned how this shall be accomplished for I shall do it and I shall overcome all obstacles. Faith can move mountains and with God all things are possible.

I am your mother and thank you for your response.