January 31, 1994 – Responsibility of Being a Father

Dear children,

I invite the fathers of the world to form their families once again in the pattern of love with responsibility. The role of father has been downgraded and even discarded by many of you. Just as you need your Heavenly Father in heaven, the children He entrusted to your care also need your guiding hand and your loving example. You cannot continue to walk two paths, for the downfall of your families and your societies is now at stake. I ask that you return to the respect of your partners and of your marriage vows and that you love with unconditional love as was intended from the beginning of time.

I see into the complexity of your family life in your world today, and I know of the hardships imposed on all of you due to the falling apart of your morals, your spiritual values, and the destruction of family life. Many of you have fallen into the temptations of the fallen angel.

A father should be the staff of the child and should guide that child into adulthood with the tools of respect and love. Look to my earthly spouse St. Joseph. Was he not also a stepfather, a foster-father? Take your example from him and lead all the children that may be placed with you and around you into their adulthood so that they will reflect as children of God.

As a father, you must set a good example in the daily lives of your children, your step-children, and your foster-children. Don’t you see, fathers, that you are, in essence, the foster-fathers of all the children on earth for their true Father, and also your true Father in heaven? If you will become again the small child and take the Father’s hand, He will guide you into the responsibility that is yours as a father. Also pray to St. Joseph, for he too had to accept his role in holy obedience to God. He accepted being a father to Jesus with a perfection of blind faith.

I ask that you accept your part in restoring the family to its sanctity and that you take seriously the responsibility of being a father. Faithfulness and unconditional love should be put into practice in your relationships with one another. Respect for your spouse and a discipline of your spirit will also be required of you. To restore the family as a holy family unit once again is a very big challenge. I now offer it to all fathers. Know that, if you will try, I shall help you. If you will pray together, you will stay together.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.