This event has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances but will be added to the calendar later in the season. Thank you all for understanding and for your continued interest!

Please Join us…

for our first Annual Parenting Retreat

“Lighting the Way”

From one Parent to Another 

Saturday, July 13th 

8:00 am-12:15 pm 

Renee Mattson 

from Child in Bloom

Archbishop’s House 

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center 

$30/per person $50/couple


8-9 am                    Continental Breakfast,Registration

Morning Prayer/Meditation

9-10 am                  Speaker,Renee Mattson

10-10:45 am          Breakout Session with Local Counselors and Educators

10:45-11:30 am     Breakout,Meditation

11:30-12:15 pm      Speaker,Renee Mattson

Renee is a master teacher, professor and coach in the field of education. She has worked with hundreds of families, toddlers to teens for the past 6 years and has been in the field of education for over 20 years. She brings her workshop back again this summer. Times and dates will be available at this retreat. Following is another article she has written for our website and for our OLL email newsletter. To receive our email newsletter call the office and leave your email address with Betsy  513.531.6279. Website address is


Third Article (May):   Mealtime Matters

If you have read my Mealtimes Matter blog, then you know how important I think it is for families to gather around a table whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Call it my soapbox, but I have a few more ideas on how we solidify our families. These essential things can both enrich a family’s mealtime and can strengthen your family in general. When a family comes to me for guidance on their parenting issues, we can usually find that one of these essentials is missing from their family life and without it they’re feeling a little wobbly (like a table with a missing leg). Having all four of these essentials present in your family life can fill in the gaps of your parenting and give it a solid base to stand upon.

Faith time: Coming together in faith conversations and experiences can support parents by helping them to answer the big questions… Who do we need to model? What do we need to avoid? Why does it matter? How can I survive all this? Faith can help parents come up with boundaries, routines and priorities and can be an excellent starting point when coming up with your essential family rules and procedures. It can be a rock to stand on or a shoulder to cry on when parents are feeling alone, confused, or overwhelmed. Find moments within your week to connect your child to your faith. Share your experiences, add to your own knowledge of your faith by reading and learning about your faith, and then begin weaving it into the fabric of your family life.

Playtime: Coming together to be silly, joyful, and playful gives us a chance to  breakdown the walls that too many boundaries can harbor and allows us a chance to think or act like a child. By playing with our children (I mean really playing not just going to their sporting events), we get a moment to see things from their perspective. You will see that there are so many skills to teach them embedded right into these tiniest moments of fun. Playtime offers us a chance to foster sportsmanship (how to win and lose with grace). It also gives us an opportunity to help our children learn how to wait, take turns, problem solve and plan. Self esteem and taking risks are a part of playtime and creative juices are always overflowing when we step into the realm of play. So get down and dirty with your kids: dress up, act out, roll around and get your sillies out. You’ll see your family bloom from these spontaneous positive playtime experiences.

Book and Learning Time: Coming together to share stories and information gives us teachable moments and conversations that help children understand their world. I don’t mean doing flashcards at the pool in the middle of the summer (all work an no play makes Johnny and Mommy very dull). I mean cuddling up in a soft chair and delving into a great book, or what about, using the characters in a story as models or examples of how to get along in their world.  Let their worries from the day release as they share how the story reminds them of their own experiences and help them to see a fresh perspective when they read or learn about people who are different from them. Sharing books provides a golden opportunity for parents to connect with their kids on many levels… In your busy day don’t let sharing a good book or teachable moments go away.

Rest or Down Time: Coming Together to sit and do nothing or taking time apart to veg-out without a plan can be a very rare occasion in this hustle and bustle world of GO…GO…GO… It’s so easy to flip the calendar and find it suddenly filled from Sunday to Saturday with extra activities and scheduled places to be. In fact, it seems we do these calendar catastrophes to ourselves so we don’t have to hear the dreaded, “I’m bored!!” We think: “ I have to fill up their days with activities so they don’t have a minute to get themselves in trouble.” But being bored can enrich your child’s imagination, bring their stress levels down to a healthy state of mind, and allow time for them to express creative ideas and problem solving strategies. Plug down-time into your schedule on purpose.  Help your child get healthy amounts of sleep and don’t forget to include enough rest and down time into your own adult schedule so parents can consistently be at their best.

Is one of these essential things missing from your parenting plan? How can you add it in?   Weed out your calendar so it’s nearly blank.  Then fill it back up with the essential things that matter most: Mealtimes, Faith Times, Books and Learning time, Playtime and Down time… Put everything else on the calendar as secondary concerns, and I think you will see your family begin to bloom!


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Couple50.00 USD
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