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May 31, 1994 – Abandon All Things That Hinder you from Following Me

My people, I am the Alpha and the Omega.

There are many Cains and many Judases on earth now. All who are slaughtering their brothers have become as Cain. All who pretend to walk in My footsteps, yet betray My words by hidden scandal of the spirit or open scandal of the spirit, are the Judases of this day.

You cannot seek the glory or accept the glory of the world and still be received into My glory in heaven. Abandon all things that hinder you from following Me, for I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Woe to you, My chosen people of this day, if you hold yourselves above your brothers and sisters simply because you are My “chosen” ones of this day. I say to you now, do not make the same error that the Pharisees and high priests made.

I told them then and I tell you now that My words and My truths are for all of you and, if you have My truth in your hearts, then you must share it joyfully, even with the least of your brethren, yes, especially with those who do not know Me or who may deny Me.

My Mother has also been sent by the Father for all of you. Do as My Mother tells you and take her messages to all on earth, especially to those who are outside My Church, for it is they who need her the most. Do not judge others by their outer garments or by their profession of faith for, in the eyes of God, their hearts may be purer than yours.

I tell you once more, love one another, and love God above all else.

I am Jesus, your Lord and Redeemer.