April 18, 1992 – As One Mother

I am the Lady of Light and have come to shed light unto your darkened world. Open your hearts to my love so that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit.

I am urging all mothers to bring their children to my open arms, for I have much love to give them. I am pleading for the salvation of my dear children, for they have been abandoned. No one is tending the children, and they have fallen under the destructive forces of the devil. Many in this land are openly worshiping this false god and are in greater need than ever of my mother’s mantle to protect them from this evil influence.

I implore you, as one mother to another, to come to my aid. Our children are at stake. Introduce them to me so that I may lead them to my Son Jesus. Have them pray the Rosary and form rosary groups, yes, even in their schools, for there is corruption there also. I will guide my children, and then they can guide their counterparts and other children who have lost their way. Satan’s power is strong and they, the children, cannot battle it alone. Form prayer groups and I shall join you in your prayers. In this way we can divert the tactics of Satan.

In daily Masses, I desire that the seven Our Fathers, seven Hail Marys, and seven Glory Bes be intoned at their conclusion for my special intentions. I implore you to do this so that I can enact my plan of peace here in America.

My dear children, I need you, and you need my help. That is why I have come to you. I wish to lead you out of your darkness, but you, yes, even my faithful ones, refuse to follow. By your actions and inactions you are preparing a bitter cup. If you do not respond to my messages and convert your way of living, you will have to drink of it.

Do not be mistaken and drawn in by the false promises of Satan, and do not presume you are above the retribution for your chosen errors. You have chosen unwisely in the past. Now you must choose again. Continue on your path of destruction, or turn back to your God and Creator. I am here to help you, my children.

Thank you for answering my call. I am your Mother.

VISIONARY’S COMMENTS: Our Lady wanted me to approach all mothers and ask for their help. I told her I would not know how to approach all the mothers. She said not to worry, that she would give me a letter, and she did. Here it is. She wants it distributed and put in the hands of all mothers everywhere. She said she will then be able to touch their hearts and melt them. She also thanks them for responding to her call.