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February 16, 1994 – Ash Wednesday

My children, over the centuries of your time I have called out to you and continue to call out to you, “Come back to Me.” I vacated My throne in heaven to come among you to become the slaughtered Lamb of God. I did this gladly to redeem you and return you to the grace of the Father. You ask Me for mercy and this I give to you. You ask for peace and this I offer you.

I am the Light of the world and I send My holy Mother bearing My light to you once again. I tell you to honor her, for she is perfect holiness. The essence of her holiness and her purity follows her throughout heaven and on earth. The very air is scented with the sweetness of her love. Do not scandalize her and do not ignore her. As it was in the past, so it is now. Many of you have grown to like the darkness and refuse the light.

Oh, my people, why do you continue in your ways of sinful behavior that lock you in misery of the spirit? Are you afraid to approach Me? Have no fear, for I love you. Are you ashamed to face Me with your sins? My mercy is endless, for I love you. Are you uncertain and think I will reject you? I will never turn you away, for I love you. Are you in doubt or think you cannot know Me? Then know that it is sufficient to know that I know you, for I have always loved you. Are you in fear of ridicule for being My friend? I suffered and died for you and I often met with ridicule. I accepted all this and more because I love you.

My children, can I offer you more than I already have? My heart is open with forgiveness, mercy and love. I, the Lamb, left My throne once in time to come among you, and the Lamb shall leave it once more to come for you as I promised. The Lamb of God redeemed you with His Blood. The Lamb of God returned to the Father, but left His Spirit among you until the end of time. It is I, the Lamb of God, who will return to claim My own and render My divine justice. Be ever prepared.

My children, where are you in your life and where will I find you? Come back to me for I love you. My peace I leave with you.

I am Jesus, your Lord and Master.