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July 4, 2014 – Batavia Visionary’s Dream

Special note from Our Lady of Light Ministries: Though the following is only a dream that relates to the Batavia Visionary, her spiritual advisor thinks that it ties in with the “Private” message she received from Jesus a few days later. Therefore it is also being shared with this message.

I had a dream that we were all at some kind of gathering, like a retreat, and separated into different groups. I seemed to know these people in my group, but don’t remember who they were.  

         When it was time to leave, I was slow in packing and when I left our area to join my group, I was told that I was too late because my group had already left and in fact, the last group had already departed too.

         I asked what I should do and someone pointed the way for me to walk to join them. As I started walking, I saw a man in a robe some distance away from me and he was being pulled along by an ancient cart with a long chain, or rope, attached to it and to the man.

         I felt sorry for this man and started running to help him because he kept falling. When I drew closer to him, he turned to face me, and it was Jesus.

         I ran closer saying, let me help you and I heard him say, “They are persecuting me again.”

         Then I heard a voice speaking to me and I was told that, no, I was not allowed to help him but I could walk behind him if I chose to. So, I kept following in His steps.

         Then, I woke up.

Note from Our Lady of Light Ministries: It is evident that Jesus Christ is most certainly being persecuted again in the thousands of martyrs dying for their faith in these present times all over the earth. We ask that you storm heaven’s gates with prayer and fasting and plead for Jesus’ mercy on all of us.