May 1992 — Calling All Mothers

Mothers of the world, unite! It’s time for changes and we have it in our power to be effective tools to bring about these changes.

We must restore our families to a throne of dignity. Family life has fallen by the wayside, and our society is now paying the cost.

Look around you. The whole world is in utter chaos. There are growing numbers of our brothers and sisters becoming completely homeless and hopeless. They have lost their way and need our help. All of these people have a mother that cries in her heart over this dilemma. Then, too, some of them are mothers and have no way to care for their children. Can we, as mothers, turn our eyes away and turn deaf ears to their pleas for help?

You may say, “Yes, I know, but what can I do? I’m just an individual.” That is true, but if we join hands, mothers, we can sweep the country and the world with a tidal wave of aid and comfort to all who are in need. How can we sit undisturbed and unnoticing in our comfortable niche and witness these atrocities that are taking place all around us? How can we as mothers watch other mothers suffer because their children are suffering? In a sense, aren’t all mothers in charge of all children, not only our own?

In Ireland, several years back, two mothers stopped a raging war between Catholics and Protestants because they had seen enough and had had enough of watching their sons and family members being slaughtered for the evils of power and greed. They went door to door and approached other mothers. They made a difference. And you still ask, “What measly portion of help will my efforts make?”

There are not only homeless situations that need correcting, but our whole country and our whole world is a sick child calling for the comforting hand of its mother. The hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world! As one mother to another, I urge you to throw away your apathy and start to care again. Do something! Examine your heart and seek a need that you can fill. Ask God to guide you. I know you’ll get an answer, if you’ll only ask, “What can I do?” I’ll tell you what you can do, mothers of the world, you can change it.

Thank you for your response.

– A Mother