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June 16, 1992 — Focus on My Son

You cannot serve two masters any longer. It does not matter what men say. As long as you are doing the will of the Father, your actions will find favor with God, your true Father. There have always been unbelievers. I cannot interfere with their free choices and neither can I reach a heart that is closed. Pray for these souls so they may open their hearts to receive God’s abundant graces.

It is a time of special graces from your Heavenly Father, as my visits are one of these gifts. But if one is not receptive, they will not receive. I have come to lead my children back to their spiritual paths and back to God, but many refuse to follow. To those of you, my children, who have listened and have accepted me, I plead with you not to wander back into your fields of doubt and mistrust, but to stand firm in your faith and be a beacon to your lost brothers and sisters.

I shall continue to intercede for you with my Son so that all may be saved. Pray, pray, pray and fast. In so doing, you shall not be drawn into the snares of Satan, for he does not want you to acknowledge me, and he does not want me to lead you to my Son.

Consecrate yourselves and all of your families to my Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, my Son. In this way, you will have our protection from the evils of the world.

I have come through the Catholic Church because these are my only children that recognize me and accept me, but even many here also refuse my extended hand. How can I help you if you will not let me? I remind all that I am the Mother of all and have come at this time to aid all of you in your trials and sufferings.

Oh, my children, why do you have ears and not hear? Why do you have eyes and not see? You are destroying yourselves. I beg you to turn back to God before it is too late. I have told you that the cup of chastisement is now flowing on earth and it shall touch all of you, the good and the bad, before it evaporates.

What good will exist if you come to possess all of this world and all of its glitter and then destroy your soul? My children, strive to live a holy life, and you will obtain faith. Live your life to be an example to others. Helping others is the true way to help yourself.

I am your Mother, and I thank you for your response to my call.