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December 5, 1993 — Form First-Sunday Youth Prayer Groups

Dear children,

On this day I send forth a call to the youth of the world. I ask that you join me in prayer on the first Saturday of the (first) month of the coming year. Many of the scriptures are unfolding all around you, and you shall need spiritual assistance and divine intervention in order to survive. As I have said, the fallen angel has targeted the youth of the world as a means of keeping mankind under his evil influence. I am challenging you now to fight back and join me in prayer.

As you are witnessing, many have followed the devil’s lead and have gone astray from the Father’s teachings. Unless they return to the ways of morality, honesty and a love of God, the days of your future will only get worse, with much more destruction.

I ask that youth prayer groups be formed and that they meet on the first Saturday of each month in the coming year so that we can begin the spiritual battle and thus let the fallen angel know that he is losing his control over you, the youth and the future generation.

In the land of America, I ask that the youth take an active part in restoring prayer to your places of learning and that this begin on the first Sunday of your coming year. The Christian youth of all faiths, while wielding the banner of truth, and with my light, shall make it known to all that they want God in their lives.

Please help me, my children, for if you do not, the devil will win and you will be lost forever.

I love you and I shall never forsake you. Know that, wherever the youth may join together in any area of the world, I shall be in their midst and shall personally carry their petitions to the Father.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.