August 31, 1992 – I Am Here Among You

NOTE: The following message was given by Our Lady to the Batavia visionary in July of 1992, with instructions that these requests be given out on August 31. Crowd estimates that day ranged from six to eight thousand.

My dear children,

Thank you for responding to my call. Your presence here is a sign of your faith to me.

To those of you who see me, this is God’s gift. To those of you who don’t, believe as if you do, for I am here among you. I am real!

I have come to renew your faith and to walk with you in your trials of these times. So many of you have locked God out of your lives. You should know that this is the reason for the chaos you now have on earth.

I come to you today to ask for your help. Yes, I need you, my children, to accomplish my plan for peace.

It is my desire that you choose now, this day, to lead a holy life and to be a good example to others.

I desire that you reclaim moral values and put the salvation of your spirit above the desires of your body.

I desire that abuse and violence be halted in order that the innocent, especially children, do not have to suffer for it.

I desire that those of you who have full cupboards share with those who have nothing.

I desire that each of you do your part to bring peace into your own community and your family. Encourage family and community prayers.

My children, do not worship false gods by placing your money and material things before the Father. Do not look to others to change their ways, but examine yourself. Do not just listen to my messages, but share them, especially with my other children that do not know me, for I have come for all my children, and I am calling them all to God’s graces.

My time with you is short, and you must act now before it is too late. Remember, dear children, there is no sin you could have that God will not forgive. Trust in Jesus’ mercy. He has sent me, His mother and your mother, to tell you this.

I am your mother, and I love you. Come home, my dear, dear children, to my waiting arms. I want to take you to my Son Jesus.

I thank you for this response