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February 11, 1994 – I Am With You

My beloved daughter, I ask that you draw ever nearer to Me, not only in the tabernacle, but also in your heart. I wish to dwell there and claim you as My own. It is through My will that My holy Mother has taken you under her wing, for I sent her to you in order to mold you into holiness. Be ever watchful of your desires and your intentions of the spirit. Do not seek glory or fame, but stay humble before your Jesus as you go forth in your daily tasks. Do not judge others, and be tolerant of your brothers and sisters always and in all circumstances. I wish you to be a vessel of love which I can occupy and from which I can pour forth My unconditional love to all with whom you come into contact. Do not become entangled in earthly confusions and do not participate in idle gossip that may be harmful to another’s spirit. If you keep your thoughts on Me and place your life in My hands, you will stay at peace.

The days ahead will be rocky and your way may sometimes seem blurred, but look for Me and remember that I am walking with you and that My holy Mother is guiding your steps. Your appointed angel has also been your teacher of holiness since your entrance on earth. It is also through the efforts of your angel that you have been snatched from many snares and have been led safely back to Me. Keep your heart ever pure and follow Me, now and into eternity. Be watchful that you do not fall back into the ways of the world, but look always beyond what your physical eyes are beholding so that you can stay focused on the spiritual journey of your soul.

Remember that your body is only a container of the spirit, and that the spirit must be nurtured and nourished as well as the body. Union, or communion, with God is this food of the spirit. In your doubts, come to Me in the silence of your heart, which is My dwelling place. In your temptations, call on Me and I will restore you to faith.

My daughter, I shall be speaking to you frequently. Listen for My voice. Know that in honoring My Mother you have honored Me. As for those of My flock who have ignored My Mother, when they come before Me, I will also ignore them.

The love of My Mother brought Me forth into mankind and the love of My Mother shall bring forth mankind to Me. There are those among you who falsely assume that they can approach Me without the help of My Mother. That is a true fact, in that I will receive all who call on Me, but I say to you now that, should My Mother approach any one of you and you choose to ignore her, know that the Son shall hold you accountable for the injury to her heart.

My holy Mother has been sent to you at My direction. She is also going to many others on earth at this time to give her messages once again. As I have said, her words are My words also. The children of earth would be wise to listen to her.

When there are doubts surrounding any reported appearance of My Mother on earth, know that, even if the claim is presented with false pride, those of My children who accept it as fact shall be equally blessed as if it were fact. Know also that the faith of the believers in the Word can likewise produce the fruit. It takes only the faith of a mustard seed to move a mountain and the same amount of faith to move the heart of your God.

Do not attempt to prove the supernatural events that are transpiring around you. It cannot be done by natural means. As has already been spoken, I know Mine and Mine know Me. That is sufficient for the believers. Pray daily for the unbelievers, in order that they may come to know Me. I am with you always. Believe in Me and love Me. Love Me for all those who hate Me. Be always a good mother to all and a good example to all.

I am Jesus, your Lord and Master.