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May 10, 1995 — Lifting the Spiritual Veil

Dear children,

The lifting of the spiritual veil is not the removal of the spiritual veil. The removal of this veil will happen to each of you at the time of your death. It will be removed forever when the world comes to an end and there is no more time as you know it. Thus, the end of the world will be the ending of time.

Many are concerned as to the happening of events now transpiring on earth. I have told you that you are living in the times of the fulfillment of the prophecies and of the Holy Scriptures. However, many still assume this to be the end of time.

I tell you now that time will end only when the spiritual veil is removed. Then everyone will exist together in one eternal time which is called eternity.

Because the spiritual veil is being lifted from time to time, especially on earth now, many spiritual revelations are being uncovered and many on earth are now experiencing heavenly visions.

The lifting of this spiritual veil (which is time itself) is a grace granted by the Father and also is a sign sent to His people telling them of things to come. The lifting of this spiritual veil should be viewed as a signpost to all that the removal of it is drawing ever nearer.

Stay prepared and be ever watchful, for, even though the Father is the only one who knows when it will happen, you are now being warned to watch and to listen.

I am Our Lady of Light and your Mother. Thank you for your response.