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November 15, 1993 — Many Chastisements Lessened

My child,

I request that you go to My House (the Center) on the first Saturday of January in your coming year. I shall appear to you there at midday. Know that I shall bless all who are present there and that also many will be aware of my presence there.

I shall continue to come to you at the midnight hour of the last day of each month wherever you may be. In addition, I shall appear to you at midday on the first Saturday of the months of January through May in your coming year. Do not be concerned where you will go, for I shall direct you to the places where you should be on each of these Saturdays.

I am pleased with the acceptance of my requests by so many of my children. They have filled my heart with joy. If there are enough prayers, enough fasting, and enough sacrifice, war can be stopped and many chastisements lessened. If you knew the power of prayer, you would pray unceasingly.

I shall be giving you certain prayers that can be said in the days to come. I ask that you pray them from your heart and not merely recite the words. Sincere prayer of the heart is most pleasing to the Father.

Do not become discouraged and do not be concerned with the ways of the world. These days shall produce a trying of the spirit and many shall be persecuted in many ways. Stay focused on Jesus, and you shall be spared in the testing.

I have placed myself between you and the fallen angel. Stay focused on Jesus and continue to study the Holy Scriptures. Let not your heart be heavy, for my plan for peace is transpiring, but in God’s time. I thank you for the sacrifice of your time and for your consent to help me. If you remember to call on me, I will always come to your aid in your every need.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.