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August 25, 1994 – Mary is the “Lady of Everything” in Heaven and on Earth

My people, why do you torment My Mother? I tell you truly that My holy Mother is the Lady of Light who brings you her most holy rosary as a way to your salvation. How can you separate her by name or by title when she is the “Lady of Everything” in heaven and on earth?

I say to you also that Mary is regarded as the “Queen of Everything,” both in heaven and on earth, but above all else, she is My Mother. The conflict among you, claiming her as “this one” or “that one,” causes great sorrow to her heart and I solemnly tell you that, when you hurt her, you hurt Me. There should be no division in the plan of salvation that My mother has for the land of America. There should be no division among her workers or her selected messengers. I tell you now that, if you do not listen to the words of My Mother, and if you keep hurting her most pure heart, then she shall be called back to heaven. She has come only to help you, and once again your actions bring sadness to her.

Forgive one another and love one another. Do not let the fall of pride tear apart all that My Mother has accomplished here.

Oh, foolish people, do you not realize that every spiritual gift given you has been through Mary, My Mother? Is this how you repay her?

If there is disparity among the faithful, or disagreement of wills, simply because of a title or a name given her, then simply refer to her as Mary, the Mother of God, for that is what she is called in heaven.

I remind you: before you can come in prayer to the Father, you must first make peace with your brother.

My peace be with you.

I am Jesus, your Lord and Master.