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May 13, 1997 – My Holy Priests are to Be My Hands and My Feet

I am the Good Shepherd. I know Mine and Mine know Me. I send forth a call to all of My appointed shepherds (priests) whom I have placed over the tending of My flock.

I gave unto you Myself, the Good Shepherd of Heaven, but I also gave unto you the good shepherd (Pope) of earth. I did this in order not to leave you orphaned children. You, My holy priests of all ages, are to be My hands and My feet, and your words and actions are to be done in My name. Many of you are being priests for your own sake, and are not truly Mine. I tell you in truth that being one of My holy priests will carry no glory on earth. Your reward awaits you in heaven.

I do not abandon you. Why are many of you abandoning Me? Search your heart and examine the purity of your intentions. A priest of Mine must be holy in thought, word, and action, because you are leading My sheep through your example. When a lost soul strays from the flock, you must guide it back. When one of you, My own priests, strays from holiness, I call you back. That is what I am doing now. I know your human weakness and I always forgive. So, if you carry error, go to a fellow priest for help, but, most important, come to Me.

I tell you that the successor of My beloved Peter is to be honored and followed because he acts in My name, as was ordained when I walked among you. When you follow him, you are then following Me. Let not your words or actions be of those who scatter My Church, but join with My Peter of this day to bring about God’s will on earth. Do not discard My words so easily, for one day you will stand before Me and will have to answer to Me for the way you discharge your priestly duties. I tell you these things because I love you.

Do not let the lost sheep lure you into false conceptions, but study for yourself My words (in the Holy Scriptures). The world draws you away with false promises, but, if you will seek Me in the silence of your heart, I will bring understanding to you and will give unto you My peace.

Many of you have forgotten or no longer believe that I have promised to be with you always. I do this in the sacred mystery of the Consecration at each Mass. You, My priests, are the instruments of love whereby this divine mystery of perfect love transforms bread and wine into My precious Body and Blood. Unless you eat of My Body and drink of My Blood, you will not have eternal life. As it was then, so it stays forever.

When you participate in this divine mystery, you are made holy. But you must have faith, you must believe. Many of My priests themselves no longer hold this rite to be true or to be sacred. Many priests in their lost faith have led other souls away from Me. Remember that, when your actions bring about the fall of another, you share in their error and will be held accountable for it. I tell you this because I love you.

You have not chosen Me, but it is I who have chosen you to be My apostles of these days. You cannot bear this burden if you are not united to Me, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Without Me you have no life and will bear no fruit.

Come unto Me and receive My blessing each day before you embark on your daily journey. I will instill in you the gifts of the Holy Spirit and you will be armed with the light and the truth of inner strength, because you will need it in your daily encounters with the worldly temptations that Satan will place before you.

My priests, you are My hands and My feet on earth. Go forth with love in your hearts and help all those who are put in your care. First strengthen your own faith, then help them (the faithful) to strengthen theirs.

I am Jesus, your Lord and Master.