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November 30, 1993 — Pray for Your Leaders

Dear children,

I urge you this day to pray for all the leaders of your world. Pray that they are enlightened in their duties, for not all are receptive to the laws of God. They are focused only on worldly views and continue to seek only power. The sin of pride is growing ever stronger in man, for the fallen angel is tempting him more than ever.

Add your prayers to mine and I will intercede with the Father for your leaders. These men placed in power need to learn charity of the heart and to relinquish the greed that binds them to their sins.

If enough prayers are offered, the leaders among you can have a change of heart and be open to God’s laws once again. Just as the children suffer for the sins of their fathers, so too, the people must suffer for the errors of those who lead them.

In the purification of the world now taking place, it is vital that your leaders be purified in their intentions so that peace can be regained among all people. Live your lives as a good example to all around you and continue to pray for your leaders.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.