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July 15, 1993 – Prayer Can Change Any Circumstances

Dear children,

I ask again that you convert your lives and return to God. He speaks to you through nature and is doing so now, not only through its beauty but also through its calamities. He speaks to you as well through animals, for do not even your pets teach you unconditional love?

There are no accidents with God. All that happens has a reason. Know, dear children, that nothing can transpire on earth unless God permits it. You would be aware of this if only you would view each experience with your spiritual eyes.

Through prayer and fasting wars can be stopped. Through prayer and fasting the weather can be changed. Prayer can change any circumstance. Fasting as discipline for the spirit can open closed hearts. In search for answers you have forgotten this. Pray and fast, my children, so that your hearts can be changed and opened to love. In this way peace and harmony will be restored to mankind and to the earth.

Many trials are upon you. You have been given solutions, but you refuse to act. I plead with each and every one of you to dissolve the hatred in your hearts and forgive each other. Live in peace with one another and love one another as brothers and sisters, for all of you are God’s children and mine as well.

Many of you are telling others how to change but you neglect your own faults and errors. I wish all of you to be examples of holiness and portray yourselves to others as children of God. This starts with the individual, with each heart. If you cleanse your own spirit and work on ideas and activities you need to change, then I, your Mother, will help you. Come to me with what troubles you, and I will guide you back to the path of holiness. Let me help you, for I have come to earth for this purpose.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.