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March 31, 1994 – Reconcile With your God

My people, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Lord, your God. I came among you to redeem you and deliver you from bondage. I also came among My people so that you may know Me in a human way, as well as divine.

I was mocked by many. I was scorned by many. I was ignored by many. I was tortured in body and soul by many. I was then placed on a cross to die by many. I was loved and accepted by so few! I gave Myself gladly in love and in obedience to the Father’s will.

My people, in the past you would not listen to My words and it is still so today. I continue to call you to remind you that you are children of God, but you still turn a deaf ear and turn away from Me in pursuit of earthly pleasures.

I remind you that, as I left you on a cloud into the heavens, I shall return. When the Father sends Me again, I will claim My sheep and I will deliver My divine justice to all. I say to you once more, reconcile with your God before that time lest you be caught unaware and (spiritually) asleep. My love is endless and My mercy is endless, but I say to you now that, as your God, I will not continue to be mocked as I am in the world today. You are being given every chance to accept My mercy and My forgiveness, but you must first accept Me and you must come to Me with sincere repentance for your past sins and a sincere desire to do good.

Listen to the words of My Mother, for she is leading you to Me. I am Jesus, your Lord and Master.