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July 31, 1994 — Removal of God Has Brought Chaos

Dear children,

May the peace of Christ be with you. Once again I come to you with great love and offer you my protection in these days of affliction. My light will lead you out of the darkness and will return you to a greater faith if you will accept me in your hearts.

By your repeated denial of God, you have lost sight of Him and have moved Him far away from your spirit. I ask, my dear children, that you take my messages into your hearts and practice them in your daily lives so that you can be restored to your faith and to the light of God. If you wish to ease the spiritual pain you have brought upon your own spirits, then you must return to the path of light and follow the ways of the Lord.

It is the removal of God from your lives that has brought you into the chaos now existing on earth. Pray, dear children, as you have never prayed before, and ask for forgiveness of your errors. The Hand of Justice has started to strike but His mercy is still available to you.

I have again called you to the church of my spouse (St. Joseph) on the eve of September 1 (midnight, August 31) and I ask that you make September 1 a day of prayer for my special intentions and for peace among men of nations. I also request a daily Rosary be offered for my intentions during the month of September.

Many chastisements are before you and upon you. I tell you now that some can be lessened and even removed through prayer. Pray, my children, for I love you and I weep over the many souls that will be lost. I offer my light and love in your darkened days, and the mercy and love of my Son for your salvation. Our hearts beat as one. By consecrating yourself and any of your loved ones to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart, you will receive forgiveness and mercy and will be guaranteed a safe refuge in Our Hearts. All who honor Our Hearts shall receive many graces from the Father, as well as the other gifts already promised for this veneration.

Let the peace of Christ fill your spirits and open your hearts to His love