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August 31, 1997 – Respect for Mary, My Mother

NOTE: Jesus did appear, as promised, and was in the sky over the building. He appeared much like the Jesus of Mercy picture, but, in addition to the stream of light emanating from His Heart, there were also rainbow colored lights, coming from both of His extended hands, that streamed over the area and over the people. I (the Batavia visionary) was told this was because the mercy granted this day was a gift of His Mother, and given through her intercession. Another thing that was unusual is that Jesus was in a bright light shaped like a triangle, and I somehow knew that this represented the Holy Trinity. His words were:

My peace I give unto you.
 The sins placed before Me are forgiven.
Go and sin no more.
 Forgive as I forgive.
 I am your Jesus of Mercy and I love you. 
Love as I love.
 My Mother is with you as a gift of the Father.
 Respect her as I respect her. 
If you truly love Me, keep My commandments.