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February 4, 1994 – Personal Message from Our Lady

Another surprise this morning. As I listened to the news on TV I caught the words that “Jesse Helms of North Carolina” was working to restore prayer to the classrooms in the U.S. and in his opinion, the decline of our youth, their morals and their values was in part due to the removal of prayer from our schools,” I found this very interesting for I had heard these same words before – from the Blessed Mother. I was absorbed in thought about this strange coincidence (?) when Our Lady spoke to me again inwardly:

My child, on February 11, I ask that Mother Teresa be approached with my message of December 31, 1993 regarding the return of prayer to your places of learning. She should be asked to join the spiritual battle to save the youth of America. I have already made this request of you (yesterday). Now, this day I am pointing out the authority figure I have touched. I desire that My Ministry (Our Lady of Light Foundation) aid him in this joint venture. With me leading in this enterprise, we shall together overcome the handiwork of the fallen angel and return the children to God.

As I have already said, I have no limits. All should remember that with God all things are possible.

Be at peace. I am with you.

I am your mother and thank you for your response.