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December 5, 1993 – Personal Message from Our Lady

Return Prayer to Places of Learning

At Mass today, Our Lady appeared and smiled at me. She had on a white dress with a blue mantle over it. She looked at me and asked if I would help her in a special plan of hers.

Of course I accepted. Then she said, “I want you to help in the returning of prayer to your places of learning.”

Well, I didn’t know what to say, but I wondered, “How on earth can I do this? I wouldn’t know where to begin or whom to approach or anything. Then I thought, “Perhaps I could start a petition and get signatures, but then I’m not smart enough to know how to go about doing any of this. Please help, dear Mother.”

I was once again going through a great inner struggle, as I did earlier when Our Lady asked if I would “go to the mothers of the world.” I didn’t know how I could do that and told Our Lady so. She only smiled at me then and told me not to worry.

So I was not really surprised when she repeated this action for, although I was confused by her words and didn’t see how anything I could possibly do would make any difference in the changing of the laws regarding prayer in school in the United States of America, Our Lady replied, “Do not worry, I shall do it, and you need only to follow my lead.”

Our Lady also said to me:

“My child, protect the children. I ask that you help me to restore prayer to your places of learning in America. Carry no fear, for I shall lead this action and I shall bring forth my plan to do this in the days ahead.

I shall be the force, and you and my children shall be my instrument.

“Know that it was the power of the fallen angel that brought about this error of thinking. It was the indifference of God’s children that allowed it to continue and kept prayer and God out of sight in your learning places.

“Know now that the ‘Woman Clothed With the Sun’ has come to undo the evil works and evil intentions of the fallen angel and, through my intercession and the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer shall be returned to the schools of America. This coming year shall be the time of testing.

“It was one woman, through the power of Satan, that had prayer removed from your places of learning and I say unto you now that another, and stronger woman (she means herself, the Blessed Mother), through the power of God shall return it.

Do not be heavy of heart, for I am with you and I am your protection. I thank you for your response.”

“I am your mother and thank you for your response.” SPECIAL NOTE: Our Lady also commented, “I shall speak to you further about this on the last day (of the year).”