February 28, 1995 — Review All of the Messages

My beloved son (Father Smith),

I thank you for fulfilling my wishes, and even extending them beyond my requests. I am ever grateful. Let your heart be free of doubt, and walk forward in your faith, knowing that I am with you and that the Holy Spirit continues to guide you. I ask that you continue to lead my children to my light and to tell them of my unending love for them.

I also request that you review all the messages I have sent you earlier so that you will see clearly what I wish to be done with my Ministry of Our Lady of Light. I realize that it is an enormous weight that you carry in the forming and leading of my ministry and want you to know that I will send other hands to help you in your mission and spiritual hands to uplift you when you become weary. Two of my special angels have now been assigned to you for this purpose.

The days ahead will be filled with sorrow and hardships of all kinds for the people of God. All on earth are being tested, and only through God’s mercy will they find relief or peace in their spirits. All who chose to work for God, or even accept God in their hearts, shall be doubly attacked by the fallen angel, for he knows that I have been sent to crush him and is fighting back. Whenever souls feel this persecution, they should call on St. Michael and he will defend them in their weakness.

During this holy Lenten season, I ask that a Chaplet of Divine Mercy be said each Friday for my special intentions. Know that I shall join you in this plea for mercy to the Father and that I will ask my Son Jesus to let His divine mercy free you from God’s wrath.

I tell you also that you and all the other priestly sons of Jesus shall be main targets of persecution by the fallen angel. Stay strong in your faith and stay focused on Jesus. The youth of this day are also at the top of his list and are undergoing many torments. Pray for them. I remind you also to bring the youth to my Farm on the first Sunday in May for my special blessing. I also call them there on the first Sunday in October, just as last year. I would ask that you establish this as a yearly practice so the youth can be fortified with faith.

I know that your many duties may overwhelm you, and remind you to appoint other hands to help you. I will accept your decisions. As I told you earlier, the beauty of the rose also has the pain of the thorns. You shall experience both. In the cross handed you, you accepted the joy with the sorrow, but carry no fear, for I continue to lead you. I will keep you under my protective mantle. I will accompany you on your journeys as you lead others to holy places, and together we will take them to Jesus.

I have another request of you and that is that you record the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary around my songs as given to my messenger, and distribute them to my children, for through them I will touch many souls.

In your busy schedule, I ask that you not forget the writing of your life experience, for this too shall reach many souls and make a difference in their lives.

And continue to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, who is your spiritual partner.

I am Our Lady of Light and bring you The Light. Thank you for responding to my call.