February 1, 1994 – St. Joseph

Dear children,

St. Joseph was the staff and head of the Holy Family on earth. He accepted God’s will, even though he did not comprehend the divine plan, with the blind faith of a child. Today, in these times, he still shines as an example to all earthly fathers to be good fathers in spite of the difficult times of the family unit in these days of tribulation.

St. Joseph is also a shining example of faith for those whose faith is weak or even missing. He should be the one to turn to either strengthen your faith or restore it, for he also underwent doubts of the spirit and understands human frailties. Many graces are granted by the Father through St. Joseph.

The role of St. Joseph today is the same as when he walked the earth: to fortify the sanctity of the family and to teach obedience and acceptance of God’s will in one’s life, no matter what is asked of you.

St. Joseph can help dissolve family problems if you ask him to guide your decisions. St. Joseph can also lead you to an unwavering faith that cannot be shaken by man or by the fallen angel. The name of Joseph is treated with great respect in heaven and should be likewise on earth. Just as he was by Jesus on earth, he is also by Him in heaven.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.