May 21, 1994 — Strengthen Your Faith

My child,

Know that your spirit has been prepared for your work and encounters of spiritual challenges, where others’ have not. That is why the fallen angel is able to attack them.

They should be aware that the carrying of a strong faith and a sincere desire to do good is the armor they must adorn their spirit with, as well as the wearing of blessed objects on their person to lessen their testing.

I ask that the youth be called to me on the first Sunday of October at my field in Kentucky (Falmouth), for I wish to strengthen them for future days. I will give you their message before this time.

I am pleased with the outpouring of love and the help of so many of my children here in establishing my plan for this whole area. I ask that they remember to do things my way, which is always simple. I ask that they do not let this project get out of hand by trying to overdo the simplicity of the formation of peace that I am trying to evolve here.

I have already asked that you put aside your differences and work together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for all must be careful not to fall into pride. The fallen angel is trying to seduce so many here in order to destroy my plan and tear apart what we have already accomplished. Pray for guidance and wear your blessed objects.

My child, if you look, you will see that I came to Medjugorje in 1981 and I came to America as Our Lady of Light in September of 1991, one decade later. Know that there is a reason for this. As I have spoken, there are no accidents with God. In Medjugorje I came to the children so that they might go to the adults of the whole world and draw them to me.

In America I came to you mothers so that you could go to the children of the world. The children, the youth, but also the adults, need me, for you are all my children, the young and the old.

It is not necessary that you see the reason, but only that you know it exists. Be at peace. God’s time will reveal this.

Time is moving forward and at a greater pace. The people must prepare their souls, for many prophecies of the Holy Scriptures are upon you, as I have often said.

Just as Satan had his hour when Jesus was crucified, so too shall he have another one before the end of time when all on earth shall experience the dark night of the soul. I have come to be with you and to strengthen and prepare you for this time. Be not concerned as to when this shall come to pass, for it is upon you.

The division of the people and the division in the Holy Church have started and will grow even more. Satan has separated families, has torn apart societies and governments. He has implanted confusion and doubt in places and in people all over the world. By this cloud of fear he hopes to conquer, but, with the help of my children, all of you, my Immaculate Heart shall triumph as I promised at Fatima.

You are living in special times, dear children. Wake up to this fact. Move swiftly to the safe shores of your faith where I can protect you. Consecrate yourself, your family members and loved ones, and all of your land to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to my Immaculate Heart. Anoint your foreheads with the holy symbol of the Cross and your safety will be assured.

I have been with you, through the grace of the Father, to lead you as your Mother through the time of darkness. My light is before you, and it will continue to shine for all of you. I watch in sorrow as many of you who came to my call in the first days now break away from me.

Many still talk about my messages but they do not live them. Children, I ask that you be tolerant of one another and that you forgive. Do not let the error of pride take over your spirit. I look sadly on as some are saying that only their messages are true or that one of my messengers is better than the other. This is an error. I ask that you remove the jealousies and the envy and that you realize that I have come for all of you and am sending my messages through many messengers at many places. This must be so that I can reach more of my children.

If there is doubt in you of a messenger, or of a message, give the doubt to Jesus. If there is error, He will bring it to the light and will bring good from even the wrong intentions, for He has said so and He always keeps His word to you.

So I implore you, be at peace. Put away your divisions and let the Holy Spirit bring peace among you once more. If you do not, then you will be helping the fallen angel and will no longer be helping me. You are falling into his entrapment by arguing among yourselves.

Know that this is a great tool of Satan, to divide, and that he is wielding it ever strongly in these days of my time on earth. Make peace, dear children, and come back to me, as you were before you went off in your own directions. Only through unity on earth and in heaven can my mission be fulfilled.

Pray for understanding and guidance. I will lead, but you must follow. It is not the other way around. I am trying to lead you forward, but you will not budge.

When I came in early days, many asked, “What does the Lady want?” Well, I want the same now as then: that you learn to love one another and to put God first in your lives.

Know, my children, that I repeatedly ask that you pray and, knowing that most of you do not know how, I am teaching you through my messages. Not only am I asking that you be good, but I am telling you how through my messages. I am asking you now, once again, to walk the path of holiness. You can find the way through my messages that are now flowing all over your earth.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.