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May 20, 1993 – The Tribulations That Have Been Foretold are Now Upon You

Wars shall escalate and spread over much of the earth, with much shedding of blood and loss of many lives.

Famine shall claim the lives of many from every nation.

Natural and unnatural disasters shall erupt in all parts of the earth: floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, storms.

Mountains shall explode, and an unclean air of a yellow nature to sweep (through) the atmosphere could claim many lives.

Leaders of men shall be led astray by the fallen angel, and corruption shall overtake even the fervent and devout souls and those in their care.

Confusion and depression will flow into mankind — and many shall commit suicide — and affect people of every nation.

Many signs shall come in the sky, and people shall wonder.

The people of earth are passing through the great test, and the tribulations that have been foretold (in the scriptures and elsewhere) are now upon you.

Pray, fast, and stay focused on Jesus, and you will not be touched.

These calamities can be withdrawn if mankind will only return to God and do His will, not their own selfish ones.

Pray unceasingly that I am able to melt the hearts of stone and heal them.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.