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February 28, 1995 — The Veil of Time

Dear children,

I extend my love to you and give my blessing to all of you. In the midst of the darkness that now covers the earth, lift up your hearts in the knowledge that you are a child of God and meant to walk only in the light.

During the holy season of Lent, I ask that you remove the bitterness and jealousy from your hearts, so that you are not led into hatred, which is the darkness of a soul. If you are carrying a grudge against someone, I ask that you release these feelings with love so that you can learn forgiveness and compassion.

When life’s burdens become too heavy for you to bear, take them to the foot of the cross where you will be refreshed and renewed. Jesus is the living water and in Him you will find the healing you need. This living water is the source of eternal life and is present especially in the Holy Eucharist, at the foot of the cross, and at all the holy and sacred places established on earth.

In this area, all seven apparition sites of my appearances as Our Lady of Light are given to you as a source of this living water where one can find hope and graces of God’s healing touch. I will bless all who come there in good faith and will surround them with my protective mantle.

These days on earth are a time of darkness which is spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. Many do not realize, however, that the marking of God’s time is much different from the marking of man’s time. In eternity there is no time as you know it, but you will come to understand these things when God lifts the spiritual veil. This spiritual veil can also be referred to as “the veil of time,” for that is its composition.

My heart weeps for so many souls being lost in this darkness, but I also rejoice at the sight of so many being saved and brought to The Light. It is through your prayers and your efforts that my light is reaching into every corner of your world and touching many souls. Continue to pray, dear children, for, even though you may not see the results of your prayer, I can.

I thank all of you for your response to my call and for helping me to fulfill my mission on earth. I could not do it without you and the use of your many hands. I love each and every one of you and I hold you close in my heart.

I am Our Lady of Light and your Mother.