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August 11, 1992 — The Youth of America

I have come to your land in a special way, as there is a special need here for all of my children. The Prince of Darkness has targeted the youth of America to help him to defeat my mission here. As Our Lady of Light, I shall call the children back to God and show them the way. My light shall overshadow the darkness and, with the help of my faithful children, we shall together defeat the plan of Satan to claim the souls that belong to God.

Pray, pray, pray, my children, that you, too, do not fall into the hands of the Prince of Darkness. I, your mother, shall protect you and cover you with my own mantle, but first you must choose to do God’s will. If you do not choose to convert your lives, then I am helpless to lead you on the path of salvation.

I am your Mother, and I thank you for your response.