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May 21, 1992 — To the Clergy of All Faiths

I am the Good Shepherd, and have come to attend My flock. So many of My sheep have become lost, and for too long they have been neglected. My priests and all of My clergy are My appointed shepherds in charge of and over the sheep that are Mine. These sheep have chosen Me and are so marked by their Baptism or Confirmation and their testimonies. They have wandered away into the valleys of doubt and denial. Retrieve them. Many are caught up in thickets and snares, and their rescue shall be hard. But I, your Master, shall aid you in this journey. True, you may get scarred by the thorns and thistles of ridicule and condemnation, but you must trudge on and fulfill your duty, which is to do the work I entrusted in your hands.

I urge you to appoint and designate helpers to help you accomplish this enormous task, for it is of the utmost importance that My lost ones be found and reclaimed.

How do you appoint helpers? Enlist the aid of the sheep still in the herd. If they send forth their calls to return home, the lost sheep may hear them and follow their sound. The battle is raging and, if they are not welcomed home and saved again, then they may be gobbled up by the wolf who is close at hand.

The war of good and evil is now taking place, and I, the Good Shepherd, your Lord and Master, have come to your aid. Put your hand in Mine and you shall not falter. I send you My peace; take it to your brethren. You who have the light must let it shine. You cannot sit in your huts and wait for those lost to return. They cannot see you. They cannot hear you. And they will not find you unless you leave your post temporarily and go out into the wilderness and search them out.

Let the cry go forth that the Good Shepherd is coming and will be reclaiming the sheep that are rightfully His, and His legions are in attendance in both the spiritual realm and in the physical. You must put on your armor of faith and lead the faithful forward.

As the Father has sent Me, I now send you.

Peace be with you.