May 29, 1993 — To the Mothers of the World

Dear children,

Today I address the mothers of the world. Know that your children do not belong to you but belong to God, just as you do. They are placed under your guardianship by the Father and they, like you, will return to the Father. The seed of your children should be looked on as a gift from the Father, not as a burden placed upon you. You should love your children and show them by your example how they are to live out their lives.

Give your children your time, not only your monetary gifts and your money. Give them encouragement to fulfill their purpose in life. Your words of praise nurture them and make them blossom into their adulthood with a desire to do what is right according to God’s laws. Give them their daily needs, as the Father does with you, but also give them a sturdy faith in God to be their staff throughout their lives.

Just as trees and all of nature need nourishment to grow, so too do your children need nourishment and encouragement. The innocence of your children has been placed in your hands. Protect them and lead them in the ways of righteousness.

You cannot expect your children to lead good lives if your example to them is bad. You cannot expect your children to show kindness if, by your behavior, you show them violence. You cannot expect your children to have a heart at peace if they see you harbor hatred.

You cannot expect your children to be more or less than you are. You are molding and they will become as you, through your actions of example. Be on guard, that your example does not lead them astray. So be good examples, dear mothers, and be loving teachers to your children. God has placed them in your care and expects you to return them, unharmed, to Him in eternity.

I shall continue to guide you in your motherhood if you ask, for I too am a mother, your Mother.

I am your Mother and thank you for your response.