October 28, 1991 — To the People of America

I am your Mother and wish to be known in America as “The Lady of Light,” for America is in spiritual darkness which they have created through their ignorance of the errors of their ways. I have come to America now so that I can help them in their search through this spiritually blinding time and lead them into the light of God.

Oh, America! My heart is saddened when I view you, for you have completely shut your God out of your lives and gone off in selfish pursuit of your own selfish desires. Now is the time when you must choose. Are you for my Son, or shall you ignore His tender pleading to surrender yourself to Him so that He can heal you? If you continue to turn away and insult your Maker, you will draw serious consequences upon you and your land.

You have been given much, and therefore, your responsibility is also one of abundance. When you see a need, do you always fill it? And when you do, for what purpose? Is it to truly befriend and help your neighbor, or are your intentions in helping them for your own selfish reasons? Examine your conscience, and remember, you cannot fool your God, for He sees into your heart. Give freely and expect nothing in return.

I, as your Mother, see my children squabbling over their possessions, and I am trying to teach you to share fairly. You are in darkness now, but if you will follow me, the light, I shall lead you into a brighter future. I am asking you to change your lives and convert before it is too late, but you must desire this and choose it or it will not happen.

My heart is saddened when I look at your churches and cathedrals. They are beautiful to the eye, and certainly draw attention to the great workmanship that was employed here, but where are the worshiping faithful of my Son? True, many people may come into such magnificent structures, but merely to comment on the artful designs therein, and not to worship their Lord and God. No one seems to care that their Lord and Friend sits lonely in your church houses waiting for you to call. Why have you turned away from Him when He has given you so much?

Don’t you see what you are doing? You are creating a barrier between the Creator and you, His creation. I implore you to reconcile with your God. Do it now, for tomorrow may be too late. The time on His clock grows shorter. Pray, convert, and put peace back into your lives as it was meant to be.

I see your temptations and I know your weaknesses, but if you will consecrate yourself to me and my Immaculate Heart, together we shall produce a victory, and you will be free once again to walk again in the company of your Lord and God, and you will be strangers no more.

I come to you now, with a mother’s love, and remind you that you are walking on a wrong path. I implore you to let me help you. I will shine my love and my light into your soul if you only permit me. Please give me your heart so that I might help you remold it into one of unconditional love. It is my desire and the desire of my Son that you be happy with us in eternity.

Thank you for responding to my call.