May 20, 1993 – Under My Guidance

My beloved son (Fr. Smith),

Be of good cheer and know that I have heard your prayers….Our Lady of Light Ministries shall flourish under my guidance and through you. This ministry shall not only spread my messages among others but shall also be an example for others to follow.

My House…shall be its center and, with the help of my faithful children, an oasis of peace shall rise out of this very holy place.

I thank you for honoring my requests and for consecrating My House to my Immaculate Heart on May 1st, my special day. Know that the Father has accepted the consecration and that He shall bestow many graces and favors on all who were in attendance here and all who come here seeking peace. Many shall be healed here both in body and in spirit. I desire that healing services be established here for this purpose.

In the future, this place shall provide for the needs of many of my children. Our Lady of Light Ministries should perform the corporal works of mercy to all in need, as well as being a prayer center to help my children back onto their spiritual path.