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September 25, 2004 — Urgent Message

My child,

I send an urgent request that my (new) messages (through the Batavia visionary) be dispersed and given to my children immediately. The days of darkness are now upon you and many do not realize the seriousness of these times. My words (messages) were given to guide and comfort you, but some remain closed up. I ask that you now release them.

I again call for conversion of hearts and for perpetual prayers of my holy Rosary. Only through divine intervention will you be spared the fast approaching chastisements for your country and for your world.

I continue to intercede for mercy to the Father, but I need the help and the prayers of my faithful children. I ask that all of you help me to help you. Forgive one another and love one another. I remain with you and I love you.

I am Our Lady of Light and your Mother. Thank you for your response.

note: I have received other secrets which I received at different times, but did not write down, as I was told not to do so. I was also told not to reveal them. The following six messages were not to be immediately revealed, and I was told on March 31, 1993 to release them only to my spiritual advisor and director who is Fr. Leroy Smith. I was told by Our Lady to give them to him personally.

The war of two nations could draw many other nations into it and difficulties of every major manner could overflow over the whole of the earth. This can be avoided through prayer and fasting of the faithful.

The Pope shall be in a great danger especia1y through 1994 and 1995. Danger comes both from without and also from within. Novenas to the Holy Spirit should be offered for en1ightenent of the negative souls involved.

A cosmic event that could shatter much of the earth with a shower of fire from the heavens. This could occur through 1998 and 1999. This can be averted if enough souls return to God. Continue to pray my Rosary so that I, your Mother, may intercede for you. In any event, stay always prepared, stay close to God. You should protect your loved ones by marking them with the sign of the Cross on their forehead with holy water. If this chastisement takes place, your mark shall be honored. My pledge is the seal.

The land of Russia shall continue in discord and there could be much shedding of blood. The faith of the people shall sustain my children through these times. Though Communism has been dissolved here, its remnants shall have to be dispersed. Pray that Civil War does not erupt. Through prayer and fasting, this may be lessened, if not removed from them. There is still a great need for spiritual enlightenment there. Offer your sacrifices.

Possibly a great upheaval in China, 1994 through 1996. They have targeted a great nation to attack. My children here are held captive both in body and in spirit. Pray for their release. Prayer and fasting of the faithful can also lessen this and could even eliminate it.

I chose to come to Medjugorje in order to center my peace there to offset the tribulation of the war between my Son and the fallen angel, for in this section of the earth shall be started the battle between heaven and hell. Choose to be good, my children, choose to be good.