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January 31, 1996 — When the Spiritual Veil (the Veil of Time) Is Removed

My child,

The days at hand will bring many trials to you and all who are doing God’s work. Draw your strength from Jesus and trust me to keep you safe from any harm. Remember that my protective mantle surrounds you. You do not realize, however, that if you turn away from faith or from the ways of the Lord, you also turn away from my protection. This is true of all who are under my protective mantle. I do not turn away from them, but sometimes they may temporarily turn away from me and from my protection. Be mindful of this and stay on guard of your faith.

The trials of the Holy Father still increase and he moves closer to his heavenly reward. I request you to say a Rosary daily for him. Yes, the Rosary I request is all fifteen decades. If your duties do not allow this time, then any five decades will be accepted and will still gain reward. Any prayer, long or short, gains my favor and my attention.

You have asked about the spiritual veil and want to know more about it. Know that, when the spiritual veil (the veil of time) is removed from your physical sight, you will then see with your spiritual sight. With time as you know it removed, then all events of all earthly time can be viewed or experienced. Do not forget that with God all things are possible.

Through the lifting or removal of this spiritual veil, the mystics and prophets of old days were able to view and record events that took place in spirit or in another day of time. This is how they viewed future events written of in the Holy Scriptures. I have told you not to be concerned of these spiritual mysteries, for you will come to understand fully in God’s time. Be at peace now.

My child, as I have previously told you, my messages through you to my priests shall draw to a close on the last day of May (1996). Know that after that time my messages to you will be private ones and, if any other messages are required for any reason, I will inform you of this. I will continue to be with you and guide you, so release your fears. I ask that you continue to share me with others through my messages. Thank you for accepting me in your life and for helping me to reach others.

Stay ever humble of spirit and stay focused on Jesus.

I am Our Lady of Light and your Mother. Thank you for your response to my call