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February 5, 1994 — Personal Message from Our Lady

Why Ask Mother Teresa

Special Note: I was wondering why Our Lady had requested us to approach Mother Teresa about returning prayer to the schools in America, wondering what she wanted us to say and what she wanted Mother Teresa to do. Our Lady heard my thoughts for her words to me were:

My child,

I want her because she loves Jesus and she is a beacon of holiness to all in your world. Mother Teresa should be told that I only request a short statement from her be attached to a petition which I want circulated over your land and then presented to those in authority for action.

Know that the fallen angel does not want prayer returned to the places of learning in America and will counterattack my movement to do so. Many prayers are needed here, as well as many hands. I ask for workers from every faith and every walk of life that are Christian at heart and followers of my Son to stand up for their faith and join me in this spiritual battle to reclaim God’s children, for they have fallen into the clutches of Satan.

Prayers of the children are precious to God, and He has been robbed of them. Prayer should be returned not only to places of learning but also to homes. All parents, especially mothers, I implore you to listen, to act, and to save your children for they are also my children.

note: These letters and the enclosure were received in response to a February 11, 1994, letter sent to Mother Teresa by Gerry Ross at the request of Our Lady of Light (See Personal Revelations, Vol.3, pp.118-9).

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