Our Lady of Light Foundation announces a texting program as an outreach to those who visit this website and others in the community.  It is designed to encourage prayers amongst friends, relatives, parents and associates and others in our community.


 On the first of each month , send a short pithy spiritual text message to your children, your friends, your family  and those you feel are in need of spiritual encouragement.

 Some examples:

             God bless you, Dad.

             Hi man, God loves you.

             Jesus lives in this house.

             God is our dear friend and so are you.

             Say a prayer today.

             Encourage family prayer together.

             Stop by the church for a visit today.

             Ask St. Joseph to bless your work.

             Our Lady is always listening.  Ask her for help.

 Each month send such a text made up by you with your personal words as suggested – simple but meaningful.