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Questions & Answers

In 1992, the following questions were asked of the Batavia visionary pertaining to Our Lady of Light apparitions. Her answers below appear in the book Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light, Vol. 1, p.32. In 2004, the Batavia visionary answered these same questions again, adding more detailed explanations of her extraordinary experiences.

How do you see Our Lady?

I still see her as a figure or a Lady of Light. But though she first appeared this way, her shape has taken on more of a three dimensional figure and I will see her just as I see you. One other thing I would like to add: if I can’t see her clearly, she will remind me that I must “purify my spirit” (with the Sacrament of Penance) in order to see her more clearly.

How do you hear her?

I still hear her inwardly and not as an actual voice. I can still hear her words, even when she speaks them to others around me. If they cannot hear her, I will tell them what she said. It is as if her words are being infused into my mind. It is hard to explain, even to myself.

How do you know these visions are of God and not the devil?

When Our Lady first appeared, I would say, “If you are not from the Lord, you are not welcome and be gone.” She then would answer, “I am from the Lord,” or simply smile her approval of this discernment. As time passed, however, she told me that, whenever I would see her or any other apparition, I should say, “Praised be Jesus” and she would reply, “Praised be Jesus and praised be His Holy Name.” In that way, she said, I would know it was truly a heavenly vision, because the fallen angel would never “praise Jesus” and would then disappear. She assured me often that her visits to me were protected.

How do you know you are relaying her messages correctly?

As explained before, I do not write her messages during her appearances, but write them later. I still do this and seem to recall them just as she spoke them to me. This is certainly a gift because my memory is lacking that ability. My spiritual advisor, Father Smith, and four other priests discerned all messages I received. If any of them questioned a message, they would tell me to ask Our Lady for clarification of that certain message, and she always gave me an acceptable response to give them, with a clear explanation of what the meaning was.

Why do you remain anonymous?

I remain anonymous because Our Lady has requested me to remain her hidden worker, and I am happy to do this. On May 30, 2004, I received a message stating that it was Our Lady’s desire that my identity remain cloaked now and evermore. She further stated that the removal of my identity from this work will prove to give more credibility to it because there will be no visible earthly reward for me. She said the proof of her visits here will be shown in the fruit that it produces, and any further proof asked for will come from heaven. Our Lady often states that it is the messages that are of importance and not the messengers. I agree with her.

How do you know when the messages are from Our Lady and when they are from Jesus?

The inner messages I receive are still recognizable by the voice sending it. Whenever you hear a loved one’s voice, there is no need to ask, “Who is it?”

Does Our Lady have a special day or time to appear to you?

As you know, Our Lady of Light’s last public appearance was on August 31, 1999, at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood (Cincinnati), Ohio. However, Our Lady still comes to me on certain occasions that warrant it, and will continue to appear to me on the date of my birth each year. In the beginning, she chose the midnight hour of August 31st because it was the first moment of September 1st, which she requested be made a Day of Prayer. No other time was specified for her appearances to me other than the end-of-the-month appearances which stopped several years ago.

How does she arrive and how do you know when she is coming?

The flashes of light that accompany Our Lady of Light’s appearances still occur, but not as dramatically as they did on the eve of August 31st in past years. Now I know she is coming, because I can sense her presence inwardly, and there is usually a strong aroma of roses.

Has Our Lady revealed any secrets to you that are to be revealed later?

Ah, the secrets! Yes, there is much talk about secrets or hidden messages that were given to many different messengers, both now and in the past, and many are still wondering as to their content and why they are kept secret. I myself did receive certain messages that I was told to “hold in my heart” and not to record. I was also given hidden messages to be given only to my spiritual advisors (the five priests), which include Fr. Smith. In December of 2001, I received a private message concerning these hidden messages and I will share what I can with you:

My child,

In response to the questions asked about my hidden messages, know that these words were given in order to emphasize how important it is to pray, for events can be changed through prayer. The prayers of God’s people will always move His hand. These messages are also to be used as a warning of events coming, but these events can be changed through the hands of God. That is why my messengers are instructed to give them to their spiritual advisors in order to make them realize the depth of urgency in requesting prayers of the faithful under their charge.

I hope this satisfies the curiosity of many, but the main message still holds firm in regard to any secret messages and that is to “carry hope and not fear.”

How do you know which messages are personal (for you only), and which are for all?

In regard to how I know which messages are personal (mine only) and which are for all, when my personal messages contain any information that would be helpful to all, I share them. However, I delete any private guidance in them that was given only for me. My spiritual advisor, Fr. Smith, receives the entire message for his discernment.