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Carole Dotson

Dear Fr. Smith,
I just had to write you and tell you that August 31, 1995, was the most wonderful day of my life and you helped to make this possible because of your faith and your belief. The “Blessed Mother” did the rest, as I know thousands of others are aware also.
An incredible thing happened to me at the Center that day. I arrived there at 8:30 a.m., and stayed until 1:00 a.m. the following day. I have been going to Falmouth since April ’94 and have attended service at the Center but I had never visited the little chapel on the left hand side within the large main chapel. At approximately 3:00 p.m., Thursday, something drew my attention to the little chapel and I suggested to my friend who was with me that we should go in there to pray.
While kneeling and praying to Jesus, I had an incredible experience and enclosed is my experience. I have been emotionally touched ever since. Then, as if to top the day off, Our Lady of Light put on her spectacular display of lights. Also, a flash of her light hit me in the chest, and a few moments later I realized that I was also healed of some chest pains I was experiencing beforehand. She not only healed me, but she has touched my heart forever with her love. I will never doubt her or Jesus again.
Fr. Smith, you may not believe my testimony, but I could never lie about anything like this. I realized it is not anything that one can show proof of.
There is one small problem, which may make you doubt me. I am not Catholic. However, I have consecrated myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I know Mary loves me. She turned three of my rosaries to pink gold. When I bought my first rosary in her honor and went to Falmouth, Kentucky, I did not even know how to say the rosary.
It doesn’t really matter if anyone believes me or not, because I will carry these things in my heart for the rest of my life. I thought you just might like to hear about this. I’m sure you know the “Blessed Virgin” and her beautiful Son Jesus think you are a very special man and priest.
God bless you, Fr. Smith.
Sincerely Yours,
Carole Dotson


Jesus’ message to me, Carole Dotson, in answer to my prayers to stop the killing in Bosnia and in the whole world:

My children will know that I am Lord.
My justice will be as a storm in the desert and my wrath as a storm in the sea.
The trees will break in the wind and they shall know that I am Lord!
P.S. As I was kneeling, I saw the face of Jesus to the right of the tabernacle. He looked like the face on the Shroud of Turin, especially his nose. His hair was dark auburn and I could look right through him.



September 14, 1995

The Catholic Telegraph, Cincinnati , Ohio
Roger Tuchfarber, Cincinnati, Ohio

The Editor,
I first learned of the Holy Spirit Center some time around October 1993 when Channel 12 did a story about a visionary named Sandy. The story reported that Our Blessed Mother was appearing to Sandy at the Center. My dear wife was suffering from cancer and we made visits to the Center to pray. We begged Our Blessed Mother to intercede for us to Christ, but it was not to be His will, and Shirley died last year.
I, too, am fighting illness but I need something beneficial to do, so shortly after my wife’s death I asked to volunteer my time at the Center. I have always had a devotion to Mary but my devotion and belief is much stronger now. What’s happening in our area with the Visionaries and Locutionists is very exciting to many others and me. I’ve made trips to Falmouth and believe with all my heart that Mary is appearing to Sandy there and the Batavia Visionary at other locations. I can understand that some people do not believe in what’s going on and I can understand why the Church has to be so careful to acknowledge that what is happening is the gospel truth. I’m glad they are very careful and don’t go off the deep end so the church doesn’t make a fool of itself should something be found false.
I only wish that our Catholic Newspaper would make mention of what is happening in our section of the country. I was at the Center on the evening of August 31st and I saw a light display that I’ve never seen before in my life. There were no fireworks or strobe lights set up. Surely, it was a sign given by Jesus and Mary telling us of their presence that evening. The Batavia visionary and some others were privileged to see their presence and they reported what they saw to Fr. Smith, who later communicated this to the people. What happened on the 31st of August also happened two previous years at St. Joseph Church in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Our Lady told us what would happen prior to the evening of August 31st and she did it.
I know it took years of research and study for the Church to acknowledge the areas such as Fatima and Lourdes to be accepted as being true. From what I’ve read, there was much skepticism from our Church leaders then and we certainly have that skepticism now. Our dear Lord could walk into a room today and perform a miracle in front of our eyes and there would be a doubting Thomas. There are believers AND THERE ARE NON-BELIEVERS. As believers, we should be so appreciative to Jesus that He has chosen this area of the USA for His mother to come and give us so many messages through the visionaries…
Roger Tuchfarber, Cincinnati, Ohio 


April 21,1997

Marita Harthun, Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Father Smith,
This year at the Midnight service at the August 31st event we came over from Kentucky with a crowd from Memphis. This year things were very confusing at my sister’s house and we did not get to put up chairs and blankets early as we have in the past to be up front, so we had to settle to be last, out by the street.
Our crowd found this event to be quite different from the others. There weren’t as many lights on the building. But from our vantage point there were many, many lights right among the crowd. It might have seemed like someone was taking flash pictures but from our view so far back we could see that no one was taking pictures. It flashed on our crowd several times. I could tell this because of the tree hanging over us. The flash was all over the branch as well as our backs, but no one was taking a picture.
When I read the newsletter and the Batavia Visionary’s account of what she saw I had to write and tell you what we saw. I don’t know if you could see this from (your) vantage point.
What a blessed event we witnessed and were so fortunate to get Jesus and Mary’s blessing and graces.
Marita Harthun
Memphis, Tennessee



September 21, 1997

Marilyn Reinstatler

Dear Fr. Leroy Smith,
I want to thank you and your dedicated staff for the spirit-filled evening of August 31, 1997. Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit were truly present that evening.
My 12-year-old grandson (not a practicing Catholic) spent the weekend with his grandfather and myself. At Mass that morning, I prayed for Jesus to touch his heart. I invited him to attend the evening with me and some friends; he declined. At the very last moment as we departed, he hopped into the car.
As we climbed the hill on arrival, we immediately came upon the very impressive figures of Mary and Jesus. As we stood in awe, Jeremy remarked “Grandma, Jesus just opened His eyes and looked at me.” He touched Jesus’ feet and remained quite silent. He kept being brought back to Jesus throughout the Sorrowful Mysteries. On leaving the grounds, he returned once again. I followed him. As we were standing at the foot of Mary, he said, “Grandma, Mary is crying.” We blessed ourselves with the tears pooling under Her feet.
Jesus touched my grandson’s heart. I felt His presence that evening. Jeremy is a kind, loving, and very caring young boy. Jesus knows his heart and acknowledged it that day. Please pray for Jeremy and his family to return to the sacraments.
God bless you, I will pray for you,
Marilyn Reinstatler
P.S. This was my first trip to the Spirit Center on August 31. Our Beloved Mother called me on 9-16-96 to repent and be saved after many years away from Her Son. Miracles do happen!



October 10, 1997

Mary C. Barrey, Clinton Township, Michigan

Dear Father Smith:
I am writing this letter to you at the request of Our Lady of Light. Currently, I am reading Personal Revelations of Our Lady of Light (final). On page 155, there is a note from the visionary that asks for the reader to write one of the priests in the book and convey how Mary has touched my life. And by telling of these graces I will become a part of Her team effort to shine Her light throughout the world. Well, Father Smith, if I can help inspire others, then count me in as a part of that team.
My first experience with Our Lady happened when I was traveling with friends in France in July 1992. We were visiting Sacre Coeur in Paris. A friend of mine from France (who I was somewhat interested in) and I were walking around inside of the church and he stopped to light a candle. Simultaneously, I was walking in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary. At that moment, I froze in my tracks, my body started shaking and tears came from my eyes. And then, I heard a voice. I felt certain that it was Mary. She said to me, “woman, behold your husband.” Well, this was so incredible because in April of that year I was confirmed! I was at such a spiritual point in my life and I could believe this was happening to me. And why? This couldn’t be. I lived in the United States and he lived in France. We had only known each other mostly through correspondence by letter and telephone a little over a year. But when we returned to his town in Northeastern France two days later, he asked me to marry him. He moved from France to Georgia where I was living in December of that year. In April 1993 we were married.
My second experience with Our Lady was in August of this year. I was a part of the fifteen thousand people that was present for Her visit at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. My husband and I live in Michigan now and we went to visit one of my brothers who live in Louisville, Kentucky. He, his wife, and family and my husband and I went to the Spirit Center. The service was beautiful and I am so thankful we were able to go. It has touched my life in so many ways. I had never and did not know how to pray the rosary until that evening. And after the five or six rosaries in that one evening, well, I got pretty good, quickly! I have prayed a rosary daily since.
And I will never forget the smell of roses all throughout the evening. When you started the rosary around 11:30, the smell of roses was as if there was a bouquet of roses right under my nose. The rest of our group could also smell the scent of roses. And we all witnessed the flashing lights against the building. You know as humans, we try to rationalize things and at one point we came to the conclusion that they were camera flashes. Then my brother was talking with a professional photographer and he explained that an ordinary camera flash could not generate that kind of light, which is correct if you think about it. And then after reading your newsletter about the flashes of light, I guess it is yet another blessing which has been bestowed upon me. I hope that I will be able to visit the Spirit Center next August 31st and that She will be able to return.
I feel very fortunate for having received these graces. If my experiences will help someone in any way, please feel free to use them. If I can help you further in any effort, please let me know.
I wish you luck in your endeavors and will be praying for you.
Thank you for your time. God Bless,
Mary C. Barrey
Clinton Township, Michigan



October 19, 1997

Janina Stepp, Dayton, Ohio

Dear Fr. Smith,
I wish to thank you for blessing all of my religious objects today and for blessing my daughter. She so desired to be blessed by you! As she stated afterward, “Now I will be good forever!” I can only pray so.
But mainly I wanted to express to you, that August 31st changed my life. I have returned to my life. I have returned to my faith, my chastity, and my love for God. I firmly believe that God is working through you to unite His Church.
Thank God, thank Jesus, thank the Holy Spirit, and thank Mary for you.
Janina Stepp
Dayton, Ohio



November 28, 1999

Mary Niekamp

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center,
I am responding to the request in your December Newsletter for things experienced on August 31, 1999.
My husband and I were present and were seated about ten rows from the cross that had been erected in the front of the main entrance that leads to the chapel.
Late in the evening but before midnight, the eyes of Our Lord appeared to be open. Whenever people would shine flashlights on Christ’s face, his eyes would be closed but as soon as they turned them off you could see the pupils of His eyes. I wound my way to the foot of the cross and stood there for some time. The pupils of His eyes seemed to look directly into you’re soul.
Mary Niekamp



August 19, 2002

Sandy Bissmeyer, Prospect, Kentucky

In 1991 my husband and I went on an African safari to Tanzania, Kenya and Egypt. While in Cairo we visited St. Mary’s church situated in a suburb named Zeitun. It is here that the HOLY FAMILY sojourned while in EGYPT. Mary has appeared on the roof of that church since the early 70’s. Multitudes have seen her including millions of Muslims. This Coptic Rite Church has 33 feasts days for Mary and one is the feast of Our Lady of Light. I asked Our Lady before I left for this trip to get me back for the first miracle of Our Lady of Light in Cold Spring, Kentucky on Aug. 31, 1991.
I arrived, thanks to Mary’s help, on the 31st of August the same day I had visited the Lady of Light apparition site and church in Egypt. My youngest son accompanied me to Cold Spring, Ky. I parked on Mary’s Way and was approached by a young woman who said we could get towed if the car stayed on the street. I replied, “I don’t care we are here to see Mary.” She then handed us a ticket to St. Joe’s Church. The only people allowed in the church the first year were the parishioners. We proceeded to the church grounds and were admitted. They put my son, who is wheelchair bound, in a back corner of the church, then someone collapsed a few rows in front of him and in order to get the medical apparatus in, someone removed Eric and pushed him in front of the main altar. He was positioned By Divine Providence in the greatest spot on time for the alleged apparition at midnight.
At midnight I saw a flood of light cascade over the four confessionals and continue for about 5 minutes and also I could see erratic lights outside through all the windows. Eric said he saw Jesus and Mary and they had spoken. This light phenomenon happened for the next eight years at midnight on August 31st. Realizing, I could not have orchestrated this trek from Egypt to Kentucky and the Lady of Light connection, I conceded to Jesus it had to be a Christ-incidence.
I started to charter buses to go annually to the apparition site so others could share this joy and gift. I did question the Blessed Mother about the time and I complained about how exhausted all the pilgrims were when we arrived at 3 a.m. in Louisville from Cincinnati.
I was led to an article about St. James whom The Virgin Mary appeared to at midnight in Zaragosa, Spain in 40 a.d. She appeared on a throne arrayed by many heavenly lights, much like the ones we experienced. She asked St. James to build her The Church of the Pillar and she then gave him a pillar out of heaven. She predicted the church, the first shrine in the world built for her, would remain until the end of time.
El Pilar is a great feast in the Spanish world. Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America had mutiny on board and he pleaded with his crew until the feast of Our Lady of the Pilar to find land. And in the providence of Our Lady he did land on the feast of El Pilar, October 12th.
So not only is Zeitun, Egypt connected with Our Lady of Light, Cold Spring, Ky., Norwood, OH, but St. James and the midnight visitation of Mary. I only humbly reply, who are we that the Mother of Our God should come to us!
Sandy Bissmeyer
Prospect, Kentucky